All You Need to Know About Lipids! (Part 1)

Intro to Lipids

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Chemistry of lipids

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Now, what is a fatty acid?

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  • The second property is the degree of unsaturation, which means the number of double bonds. Unsaturated fatty acids have at least one double bond. Now mono-unsaturated fatty acids have one double bond, whereas polyunsaturated fatty acids have at least two double bonds.
  • And the third property is the point of unsaturation, which describes where the double bonds are located in the fatty acid molecule.

Now, what are the primary fatty acids in our diet?

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  1. stearic acid is c18:0
  2. oleic acid c18:1
  3. linoleic acid c18:2, and finally,
  4. there is linolenic acid, c18:3.

Lipid Content and Composition of Food

Lipid content of foods

Many foods contain substantial amounts of fat. Cooking oils such as sunflower, peanut and olive oil are 100% fat in the form of triglyceride. Butter is about 80% fat, such as mayonnaise. Lean cuts of meat such as steak contain little fat, whereas the fat content of bacon and sausage can easily reach 40%. Fruits and vegetables generally have little to no fat.

Fatty Acid composition

The fatty acid composition of a particular oil varies depending on the variety of the crop, growing conditions etc. The values provided in the table below give a reasonable estimation of the fatty acid composition of the primary fats and oils used in food manufacturing and food preparation.

Lipid Digestion and Absorption

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