Recolour Your Soul by Yourself

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Your relationship with yourself

Let’s start talking about the relationship you have with yourself. So who is on social media, who uses Facebook? Have you ever put your relationship status ‘complicated’?

My relationship with myself before some time was so complicated. It was all about people, it was never about me. There was no me anywhere. You see people’s pleaser, a person who just wants to make everyone happy knowing that’s not worth it. You just keep doing it, keep doing it, and yes, your relationship eventually with yourself becomes complicated.

And then now, I don’t know where there are people around me or not but, I’m me now. I’m more me, now. The counsel here is: “don’t invest yourself in the wrong people since when you put yourself in an unseemly situation of individuals, they break you into pieces, they devastate you in such a way that it takes years and years to get back together.”

And while you’re busy making amazing plans in your life, my dear, prepare yourself for worse because life is so unpredictable. Just be prepared.

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Repaint your Life

One of the philosophies of life is that there are three steps to repaint your life:

  1. Change your personal story
  2. Then, change your daily rituals
  3. And then, the people you surround yourself with.

So do you wanna know how important it is to surround yourself with the right people?

Time is a beautiful teacher. It filters out the extras of your life including people. There are 3 categories of people,

  • Number 1 category: people who see you in misery, in pain, and they back off. They are like we’re gone, we can’t handle. And I respect them for their honesty!
  • Number 2 category: people who are not there with you, but they just want to cling on with you all the time. They’re so weak that they try to stay in your shadow. Liberate yourself from those people because they’re toxic to you. Don’t let them cling onto you because they’re not there to help you. Liberate them, liberate yourself!
  • Number 3 category: these beautiful people who are so selfless that when they see you in pain, they stand next to you. They’ve got your back. They don’t share the limelight. They are just there for you. These are your people, value them.

So yes, there are 3 categories of people, try to surround yourself with those who are real and then, you’ll feel real.

Then here’s another word: Jealousy. So what about jealousy?

I pity those who see their failure in your success. You know these critics, they were once dreamers, they just wanted to achieve something that today you have but they gave up and they started becoming jealous. You should pray for them because they are in a lot of pain.

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Don’t let the fear of being alone overcome you

We all tend to invest ourselves in relationships and as I said if you’re doing something right but the wrong person nothing good will turn out. And deep inside we are quite intuitive, we know that it’s not going anywhere. It’s okay to be on your own, you’re stronger than you think. Don’t worry about that and wait for the right person to come to you. There’s no rush!

Are you in a good relationship with yourself? Do you love your own company? If you’re miserable alone, I’m sorry, your partner will be miserable with you. So we need to understand that we need to love our own company only then, people will love to enjoy our company too. And again, don’t rush, wait for the right person because if it’s meant to be, it will be. Your relationships reflect your self relationships.

How do you want to be remembered?

Have you at any point considered how you need to be recalled? If not, then, take a minute or two and think about that. Yet, in my case, I want to be remembered as an empath, somebody who just didn’t say that I feel your pain, but I want people to see that when I say this I mean it. And as far as my life story is concerned, I don’t know how my story will end, maybe it will ever end, but yes nowhere in my text, the world will ever read I gave up.

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What kept us going?

I think all sorts of art kept us going. I love music, I love to paint, and just like painting art music is so therapeutic. Have you watched tangled? Tangled — Rapunzel, her journey when she was kept in a skyscraper. She used to hear the thunderclap but couldn’t see the storms. She used to hear the rain falling on the ground and couldn’t see it. And she missed it. Then when she stepped out and went close to nature everything changed. The way she comes out of confinement for the first time she goes out and sees the world awaits her. You know that song “I see the light” reminds us of the difficult times we may have spent in our lives and just overcome them by not giving up. Keeping the ray of the hope high always and forever.

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