The direction towards a real life

Hamna Qasim
3 min readJul 6, 2019


Accept the reality even if it incinerates, it’s all up to you …

Chose the way that leads you to the reality of life!

Be aware

Live in a way that you should be mentally satisfied than a mature person. Just let things go and be aware. You should know your values, your deadlines, and your boundaries. You’re responsible for everything you do and know how to schedule backwards. I think if someone invites you and you were supposed to do something at a certain time so, it’s not just about you, the people you’re meeting with they also have a meaningful life in their own capacity so, if you are running late then you have to tell them: I’m sorry, I’m running late even if its only 10 minutes. You should always make sense that the other person also has a sense of mutual respect because I think it’s very disrespectful if you don’t honour your commitment.

Don’t get yourself affected by others’ way of perception…

I don’t like if someone appreciates my physical appearance rather than my skills. I really don’t like it, initially. Even, the judging phenomena are not like that whatever you bring to present on the table, they’ll not only judge that thing but, also judge other things that you don’t want to be judged. More women than men are involved in objection because women have a complex over others. You should know your subsistence and know that who you are, what you’re doing, so, you’re not affected by what others say. Everyone has their own opinion. But, remember when you make something classic, it takes a little while for people to digest some change.


It’s a human thing and in every country it’s common. You’ll only be criticized by the people who are doing less than you and criticizing is their sole business. So, I don’t think that you can satisfy everyone. I have to tell myself that I’m who I’m and so if someone criticizes me so I shouldn’t take it personally. You should be strong enough that you are not affected by what others say. People do their homework little so, they mostly criticize through social media… for example, they just watch a picture on Instagram but they don’t know a long story and hard work behind that image and they write or speak without thinking that it might affect others feelings or hurt them. So, when you’re a public figure you’re, not a human anymore. People start commenting and disrespecting you.

“Be loyal to your roots”

There is a girl who was going to Spain (for international representation) and she bought a designer dress which is sleeveless. So, she went back to the designer and asked him to add sleeves to it so, that she can be more comfortable. She also put a flag of her country on her dress to represent it. So, It takes a special kind of heart to be that kind of loyal to your roots. Most people when they are going abroad they mostly wear fewer clothes in the sense that this is the culture there and want to follow the international race everybody is in. I honestly think that if we don’t own our cultures and traditions so, we lost our identity. So do we want to be a personality without an identity or we want to own our roots?

Mind your own business…

I go in my own world. Suppose you’re walking on a street, busy in something and going for work. Meanwhile, you heard some noise on the street. You leave your work, stop and address that noise. So, my point here is, remember that this noise will never die down. You’ll just waste your energy. It’s better than that just filter it out, move on and mind your own business.

So, just calm down, take it easy. Dial back-room out what’s your frame. Things are not as nasty as we think they are. If you try and pick up on all the good things, then life will be so much more beautiful and everything else around you will also seem more incredible. So, it’s about your perception.

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